Cheryl Outred - 

Om Massage Mystical Healing

Phone: 0414562149


116 Scenic Hwy, Terrigal NSW 2260

This course is about Empowering you, your uniqueness & how to be Authentic within yourself...

 Also, encouraging you to believe in' Yourself ' & know you have gifts to offer & how to birth them into your Reality in the here & NOW... the Present moment


By gently showing you how to lift your vibration & raise your frequency through, Water, Sound, Movement, Sacred Alchemy, Angels, by being mindful of your Words, Daily Gratitude ,the power of Rituals, Being at one with Nature, Meditation and more....

Self Mastery Dates

          10th January 2021

          12th February 2021

          17th April 2021

July & October to be advised


                cost- $222 

$22 deposit to secure your place / 5 people per class

Self mastery Itinery

 9- 10 am  Kundalini Yoga

10- 10.15am  Journal

10.15 -10.30 tea/coffee/light snack

10.30- 11.30am  Sound Therapy                 Gong,Crystal Singing Bowls

11.30-12 Journal, chat

12-1pm  light lunch provided

1 - 2.15pm  Sacred Alchemy- 

2.15 - 2.45pm tea/coffeee/snack

2-45 - 5pm  folder, tapping in Hooponopono Mastership, meditation to receive your own code, symbol or maybe your Guardian Angel

Lisa Hackett - 

Will be sharing Kundalini Yoga along with the benefits of movement & chanting. Kundalini is done with your eyes closed. Even if you have never done Yoga before & are a beginner you will enjoy this class. Everyone works at their own level

Lisa Hackett has her own Yoga studio at Saratoga where she teaches classes weekly.  I have been lucky enough to attend many weekend retreats & seen many transformations. Lisa also has a passion for raw food and is a raw food chef.

Keesha Goode- 

Relax & enjoy the Cosmic frequency of the Sacred Gong & Crystal Bowls penetrate every cell of your body.Sound frequencies impact the body and meridians, releasing blocks & reducing tension. It can re-pattern the grey matter of the brain & help eliminate diseased cells in the body, allowing our bodies & minds to vibrate in harmony. Often Keesha holds events at 'Bamboo Buddha" Holgate. Laying on a yoga mat, with an eye mask on you will surrender & feel the healing of these magical tones

Missy Wickart- 

Missy will share how she Integrates her Sacred Alchemy & coding into her range of potions, scents,perfumes, and products. By sharing Universal Harmony using Ritualistic products. You will also be taken on a meditation guided by Missy using some of these products. A range of products will be displayed and available to purchase on the day of the Self Mastery course. You can find Missy on fb & insta