Reiki Mastership is about You being a teacher and teaching others

My Story,

Since 1996 I have been teaching Usui Reiki.. Prior to becoming a Usui Reiki Master I assisted Gillian Love in Vanuatu while she taught Reiki.

I also spent two years  at various locations along the East Coast of Australia observing & learning from Gill.In the early 90's I was also lucky enough to be treating patients at Gosford Doctors clinic with Reiki who were suffering from  Auto Immune Disease. Prior to 1999 I helped Reiki Master Jan Pritchard,with many other helpers during REIKI seminars.

My own life story introduced me to Reiki. After 2 years of unwellness, with two little children & also working mainstream I completely surrendered to my illness.  In those days they hadn't heard of Chronic Fatigue or CFS as it is known now.I was in & out of hospitals & seeing many doctors. I swallowed over 30 tablets a day, many were vitamins that weren't being absorbed in my body. I was not giving up ! Often I slept in baths to keep warm. My extremeties always freezing, my body aching & my mind foggy. It wasn't until my hands couldn't hold a cup & I was extremely weak that I once again visited the hospital. They said ' we can't find anything, its all in your head'  It wasn't until that moment I chose to turn to alternate therapies for help.. I wasn't sure if you needed a referral or I could just make an appointment. I did neither. I walked into the waiting room, asked to see someone & a man by the name of Warren Rose explained they were fully booked. He then placed his hand on my forehead & said

Go home ,lay down for five days & wait for the change...... As if that was going to happen!

To my surprise after a 20 minute drive & just arriving home there was a knock at the door. Warren Rose was standing there & said ' you need help' I was shocked that he actually cared enough to find my address let alone offer me a treatment. I didn't even know this man. Anyway , he gave me an energy treatment called Reiki. I remember when he finished the treatment I asked my husband if he had turned the lights up. He replied ' what do you mean, its day time the lights aren't on' 

It was in that moment I realised my Life Force energy was extremely low & the colours I was seeing were quite dull. It turns out I had Glandular Fever,Chicken Pox & Hepatitis( inflammation of the Liver) My Immune system completely comprimised. I believe Chronic Fatigue taught me empathy & helped me make mindful choices regarding my wellbeing 

So today I Am well. I use Reiki daily in just about every area of my life. My Healing studios have been located at Summerland Point, Springfield & now beautiful Terrigal where I continue to treat & teach others Reiki. Along my life path I was the Sports Medic for the Australian Ice hockey team for five years where I used Reiki & massage on elite athletes competing at World championship level .

In my holistic practice I use REIKI as my foundation adding essential oils, massage,crystals & Oracle cards in just about every treatment.


Requirements to become a REIKI MASTER

- an essay as to why you want to be a Reiki Master


- completion of Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

- Using Reiki for at least one year

- Completion of a questionnaire on Reiki ( you will keep this after the mastership course for future reference)

- If you have not done Reiki one or Reiki 2 with me I request a face to face chat over coffee for 1 hr

 to get to know you and your experience with Reiki

- Attending Reiki Mastership weekend


- Mastership Symbol

- Other Symbols

- Reiki 1 & Reiki2 plus Reiki Mastership folder

- Attunement practice & suggestions on how to set up your business & run courses.

- Certificate

- General questions

- A lifetime of support from Reiki Master Cheryl Outred

- Closed fb Reiki page

A certificate to teach, walk your talk & share Reiki for the rest of your life & earn an income while being of service to others will cost you a once in a lifetime investment of $1110-


I look forward to meeting you, yet I have this feeling we already know each other...

Reiki Master Cheryl Outred ( Chez)