Have you heard the call? Are you feeling the pull as the energy stirs within you?

Your vibration needs to resonate with your purpose & your time is now. You know you have more to offer in this world, your true purpose, the reason why you are here. To be of service, true service is  to help raise the Planetary vibration. Welcome to the life of Reiki Mastership.

A life of true purpose living & breathing Reiki. Welcome home.


My Story,

Since 1999 I have been teaching Usui Reiki.. Prior to becoming a Usui Reiki Master I assisted Gillian Love in Vanuatu while she taught Reiki.

I also spent two years  at various locations along the East Coast of Australia observing & learning from Gill.In the early 90's I was also lucky enough to be treating patients at Gosford Doctors clinic with Reiki who were suffering from  Auto Immune Disease. Prior to 1999 I helped Reiki Master Jan Pritchard,with many other helpers during REIKI seminars.

My own life story introduced me to Reiki. After 2 years of unwellness, with two little children & also working mainstream I completely surrendered to my illness.  In those days they hadn't heard of Chronic Fatigue or CFS as it is known now.I was in & out of hospitals & seeing many doctors. I swallowed over 30 tablets a day, many were vitamins that weren't being absorbed in my body. I was not giving up ! Often I slept in baths to keep warm. My extremeties always freezing, my body aching & my mind foggy. It wasn't until my hands couldn't hold a cup & I was extremely weak that I once again visited the hospital. They said ' we can't find anything, its all in your head'  It wasn't until that moment I chose to turn to alternate therapies for help.. I wasn't sure if you needed a referral or I could just make an appointment. I did neither. I walked into the waiting room, asked to see someone & a man by the name of Warren Rose explained they were fully booked. He then placed his hand on my forehead & said

Go home ,lay down for five days & wait for the change...... As if that was going to happen!

To my surprise after a 20 minute drive & just arriving home there was a knock at the door. Warren Rose was standing there & said ' you need help' I was shocked that he actually cared enough to find my address let alone offer me a treatment. I didn't even know this man. Anyway , he gave me an energy treatment called Reiki. I remember when he finished the treatment I asked my husband if he had turned the lights up. He replied ' what do you mean, its day time the lights aren't on' 

It was in that moment I realised my Life Force energy was extremely low & the colours I was seeing were quite dull. It turns out I had Glandular Fever,Chicken Pox & Hepatitis( inflammation of the Liver) My Immune system completely comprimised. I believe Chronic Fatigue taught me empathy & helped me make mindful choices regarding my wellbeing 

So today I Am well. I use Reiki daily in just about every area of my life. My Healing studios have been located at Summerland Point, Springfield & now beautiful Terrigal where I continue to treat & teach others Reiki. Along my life path I was the Sports Medic for the Australian Ice hockey team for five years where I used Reiki & massage on elite athletes competing at World championship level .

In my holistic practice I use REIKI as my foundation adding essential oils, massage,crystals & Oracle cards in just about every treatment.


Requirements to become a REIKI MASTER

- an essay as to why you want to be a Reiki Master

- completion of Reiki 1 & Reiki 2

- Applying Reiki for at least one year

- Sitting in on a Reiki1 & Reiki2 class ( to see & learn how to attune students & teach usui Reiki)

- Attending Reiki Mastership weekend


- Mastership Symbol

- Other Symbols

- Reiki 1 & Reiki2 plus Reiki Mastership folder

- Attunement practice & suggestions on how to set up your business & run courses.

- Certificate

- General questions

- A lifetime of support from Reiki Master Cheryl Outred

-Closed fb Reiki page

A certificate to teach, walk your talk & share Reiki for the rest of your life & earn an income while being of service to others will cost you a once in a lifetime investment of $1300


I look forward to meeting you, yet I have this feeling we already know each other...

Reiki Master Cheryl Outred ( Chez) 


Om Om Massage Mystical Healing Terrigal

116 Scenic Hwy, Terrigal 2260

m: 0414 562 149 ||