In a Reiki treatment you will be fully clothed laying on a treatment table with a light eye mask covering your eyes. In the event you cannot lay down, Reiki can be given in a seated position. The room will be welcoming with gentle soothing background music playing with a candle lit. The laying on of hands over parts of your body help realign your chakras. This helps balance your crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral & root or base chakra. On a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level your body balances and finds homeostasis.. Your body will switch from Fight & flight mode  to rest, recover & revive mode. Your immune system has a chance to balance & help your body recover. Reiki is used to help centre you. It is used as a tool to help you regroup. Reiki can be used for headaches, depression, assisting with cancer treatments,rehabilitation, auto immune disorders, broken bones, strains, anxiety,anger, guilt,stress, hsc stress, reflux & the list goes on. Often a client walks through the doors because they just don't feel right & don't have any particular ailment. On completion your may feel lighter & calmer. I have heard the treatment described as experiencing a feeling of bliss where worry subsides.

-             1 HR $100  ( allow 75 mins)



This combination is very popular. You may have half Massage facing down in a prone position & massaged with do terra essential oils then turning over  you will receive  a Reiki treatment where you will be  covered with a warm blanket, your eyes are covered with an eye bag then the laying on of hands balancing the chakras completes the treatment. Often the Tibetan Singing Bowl  is used to help clear the mind chatter.



                 1 HR $100 ( allow 75 mins) -


               90 MINS $140 ( allow extra 15 mins)


               2HRS - $160 ( allow extra 15 mins)


This is when Reiki is sent to the client. (The client is not in front of you)


The Healing Energy is sent over 4 consecutive days.

On the 4th day the recipient will experience a shift. It may be on a Physical,Emotional,Mental or Spiritual level. All Chakras will be balanced and their Aura will be sealed like a shield protecting them.

Sometimes it is subtle & other times it can beobvious.But the healing is always received  exactly in the way the client needs to heal.

The Higher- Self of the client is called in & provided the Higher Self agrees, Healing is sent.

The full name and date of birth is required for Absent, or Distant Healing to proceed.

Reiki energy can help with phobias,fears, job interviews, operations, pregnancy & labour, bullying, courtcases for a fair outcome, addictions,disease,rehabilitation after operations,migraines & broken bones and so much more....

The energy can be sent to the Past,Present or Future for the purest Healing outcome.

The energy can never be used for a manipulative outcome.

It can also help with family issues, issues concerning the  past. Even if the person has passed on lo& there are unresolved issues... Reiki Healing can be used for any situation.

$100- 4 x 20 min treatments over consecutive days 

(This is done absently, plus a small reading  will be supplied)