Do you love receiving massage?

Have you wondered why you enjoy some massages and don't enjoy others?

Let me tell you.. Mystics and Healers choose to hold space just for you. It is your time to be nurtured. It is not just a job to the Mystical Massage Therapist, it is a way of being, a way of caring & sharing.

Would you like me to share my wisdom with you?

Who do you want to walk through your doors?

Mainstream courses are available in massage. Often a $5000 course will entitle you to a Diploma. This Diploma helps us comply to societies rules & universally Vetab.. Once you claim your Diploma you are then able to insure yourself before treating others. That means clients can then claim their treatment. I have done a Diploma of Remedial Massage & Diploma of Myofascial Therapies. Each year i have to update my skills to continue being covered. This is great for the client knowing they are in 'trained' hands. Yet increasingly I see ordinary people who feel so removed from touching and helping family members in case they 'hurt' them, it concerns me.. touch HEALS.


I feel it is necessary to offer this course - this course is for those interested in massaging family & friends. 

                       YOU WILL LEARN:


                     How to energetically protect yourself & why we use protection

                 How to set up your healing space

                 Where to place pillows for massage i.e. for back pain or pregnancy massages, etc.

                What massage oils and essential oils to use during different massages

                 Different techniques of massage i.e. Hacking, Effleurage, Trigger Points

                 Prone (facing down) back, neck & legs massage

                 Supine (facing up) face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, belly, legs & feet massage

WHERE:          Om Massage Mystical Healing Studio

                       116 Scenic Highway, Terrigal

WHEN:          9.30am - 4.30pm

COST:            $150

                                                     *Minimum class is 2 people, maximum 8 people per class.

CLASS DATES FOR 2020 to be advised,  If you are interested in this course please contact me

minimum 2 in class, maximum 6


You will be learning a simple massage routine as well as receiving massages // No prior experience necessary // From this experience you will be able to add your own intuitive style to master your own routine // Please keep your nails short & wear loose comfortable clothing // Bring your own lunch  // Tea & coffee provided.

Om Om Massage Mystical Healing Terrigal

116 Scenic Hwy, Terrigal 2260

m: 0414 562 149 ||