This is a relaxing massage. Using long flowing strokes helping to release muscle tension and relaxing the nervous system. If you have not been introduced to massage, this is a great place to start.


 -      1 HR $100  -( allow 75 mins)               90 MINS -$130 -              2 HR- $160


A deeper massage using specific techniques. This releases chronic muscle tension affecting muscles, tendons and joints. Some soreness may be experienced during or soon after massage as deeper layers of muscles have been massaged helping to release problem areas.

         1 HR $100 -( allow 75 mins)                   90 MINS - $130                    2 HR- $160


A gentle nurturing massage supportive of mother and baby. Not only does it help alleviate stress and anxiety it also helps with muscular aches and pains. This leaves mother-to-be feeling comforted and relaxed. Only 'do Terra' pure essential oils are used during this massage. They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

I choose not to use a 'Pregnancy Table'. Often uterine ligament is under pressure and stretching when laying on your front even if the table has a hammock style support. 

I use pillows snuggled around mumma's body supporting Mum & Bub. Mum-to-be will lay on her side with a body pillow in front and soft towels will drape her body. An eye mask is used to help set the mood and help her drift off while ambient music is playing. After massaging both sides of the whole body then she will lay on her back with pillows under upper back, head and knees. In this position she can surrender being supported and without acid reflux. Massage on the face, neck, beautiful baby bump, legs and feet will be massaged avoiding reflex points. This whole Pregnancy Massage helps mum-to-be connect mind, body & soul with her ever changing Goddess body connecting with her unborn child.

      1 HR $100 -(allow 75 mins)                       90 MINS -  $130


I draw on all that I know from my past and present mystical experiences. Reiki, Therapeutic Massage and Do Terra Essential Oils are used during this treatment. The Tibetan Singing Bowl along with Crystals & Pendulum are also a modality I use to help align your chakras. An overall sense of wellbeing & calmness is often experienced. No matter what your worries and concerns were, you will leave feeling peaceful & centred. Life presents many challenges, this treatment will assist you along life's journey.

     1 HR $100 -( allow 75 mins)                        90 MINS -  $130 -                      2 HR $160


Physical touch with the gentle application of  Do terra essential oils help heal on many levels. The layering of oils 'Aromatouch technique' helps the recipient experience emotional levels of healing. Many of our likes and dislikes of different smells come from the experiences we attach to them.

Each essential oil in this Aromatouch technique was selected for its individual aromatic  properties &  when combined is very beneficial to the recipient. The overall Aromatouch Massage is soothing, light & pleasant to the senses. After being massaged facing down (prone) you will turn over and receive a face massage with a rose quartz crystal

     1 HR $100 - (allow 75 mins)

 ATMS 7044     most Health Fund Rebates    (excluding Bupa)

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