Angelic Timeline Therapy

Angels are Omnipresent - 

Meaning Angels are multidimensional , they can be everywhere at the same time.

In a 'DivineAngelic Timeline Healing '.....

I  ask to be a clear conduit of Universal Source Energy

I call on  'Enlightened beings' often known as Angels,Masters, Guides ,Guardian Angels to help clear  & remove ancestral / past life patterning in your cells. Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same old same old? An Intention statement is written by you on where you are at in your life & what you would like addressed in this present moment. Then from that statement with bio feedback & working with Angels we can delve into the archetype that is within this pattern. The negative 'emotion' keeping you blocked & the negative belief system.Freeing you to be the best version of you.Asking for permission for this to be in your Highest good. I ask for Divine Blessings ,Guidance & Protection working with Angel Codes.

The pathways affected may be-

Energetically-affecting your meridians & muscles.

Physically- toxins, pain, skeletal pain, virus's ,trauma, structurally, jaw, vitamin & mineral deficiencies . Emotionally-  shock, fear & phobias, playing the victim, needing to suffer, avoiding confrontation, avoiding feelings, seeking attention, needing to sacrifice etc

Spirit- Past Life,Karmic,Lost souls,Curse,Environment cleanse...

Soul- Cell health & healing re-coding

Then an age of identification connects with the Intention statement. Gently the event or events are removed & healing begins recalibrating your timeline....

       $100  1hour treatment   

You may receive this treatment either in person or absently.

 You will be able to reflect on your treatment by reading your own personal Divine Healing report ...