Reiki 1 -  Reiki is Sacred Energy
Your journey with Reiki will not be the same as any other...we are all unique.
Flowers don't all bloom at the same time, some have amazing fragrances, others present beautiful flowers but they all bloom...
 Everyone can do Reiki.
Some will feel pulled towards Reiki as part of a Spiritual Practice where they will be treating others and earning an income, while others purely want to learn to be able to do treatments on themselves, children or family members, animals and plants.
'Rei' - was thought to signify Universal transcendental spirit or boundless essence. The 'Ki' Energy the Life force' energy. Reiki is Sacred Energy. In Reiki1 you will learn how to heal yourself by tapping into this Life force energy. A symbol will be attuned to you and this acts like a key opening you to Universal energy to Heal. Rather than draining your own Life force energy. This is explained throughout the course.
A laying on of hands technique is taught to you.You will take home a manual with explanations & illustrations. 
This is a hands on course where you will receive a treatment and do treatments. 
Reiki helps balance your  Chakras. If your Chakras are aligned then your Aura which surrounds your body act like a shield, protecting you from disease. If your Chakras aren't aligned ie one Chakra is spinning clockwise the next anti clockwise, the next anti clockwise and so on but one is slow and not in sync then dysfunction starts and disease begins. A hole will be made in your aura and your life force energy escaping. Reiki helps heal on a Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual level... Children naturally heal themselves up until about the age of 7. Everyone can do Reiki. Even if you have learnt Reiki and not done it for years, you will never lose the Universal connection.. If this sounds like something you would love to remember, please contact me. You have a deep knowing of  how to Heal just reignite that spark..
Course outline
- 2 x Guided meditations- Balancing your Chakras, meet your Guardian Angel/Guide
- Take home manual
- 2 Sacred attunement rituals to align & open  your Heart,Throat,Third eye & Crowne Chakras
- 1 Symbol
- A Reiki treatment
-  private fb page
- certificate
- CPE points
Time-     9.30- 4.30 each Day
cost-      $250
Tea, coffee & snacks provided
- Bring your own lunch
- Bring your own water bottle 
- Wear comfortable clothes
 If you are wanting to continue with opening your Intuition to more ..... then do REIKI  2
In this course you will learn to talk to the Higher Self of the recipient. A new technique & new Symbol helps you access & believe you actually are opening up to more of the Universal Consciousness using your very own Gifts. Also I teach you how to do Distant Healing. You may have heard it called remote healing. This is when you can do a balancing, healing & reading on someone who is not in front of you. Sometimes this is called remote healing
To do Reiki 2 you must have completed Reiki 1. 
Reiki2 can be used in sending energy/healing to global issues, someone having an operation, someone in an accident, childbirth, tooth extractions, fires, emotional issues , addictions, rehabilitation, job interviews, exams and the list goes on. Reiki energy can be used to send energy to the Past, Present & Future... time is an illusion. Also you can send energy to people who have passed & overtime you will be doing readings if you choose this path... Imagine the Healing that is available.
Course outline-
- 2 x guided meditation
- 1 x manual
- 2 more Symbols
- learn how to do a reading & send energy distantly/remotely
- certificate
- private fb group
- CPE points
Time-  9.30- 4 both days
cost - $350
tea, coffee ,snacks provided
 - Bring your own lunch
- Bring your own water bottle
- Wear comfortable clothes